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We’d like to hear about you, please visit our Office and Workshop to get in touch with us. We can guarantee to you and your car will find a range wide of services and products in our Workshops and also you’ll feel a friendly attention which is one of our most valued characteristics

Mechanical Services
Mechanical Services

We’ve an specialized team with more than 20 years experience that can serve you to solve any problem with you car. We cover a long and wide range of mechanical services, like: Diagnostic and Corrections (Only if you agree), Suspensions, Tune UPs, Aligments, Tire Balance

Scheduled Maintenance
Scheduled Maintenance

We encouraged our clients to perform periodical maintenance to their Cars. It is highly recommended to check some technical aspect of the car depended on the period type (ex. every 30K, 60K, 90K, 100K). For more information, please call us or visit our offices.

State Inspections Authorized Station
State Inspection

We’re an authorized Center to perform State Vehicle Inspection in The Texas State. Please feel to call us and Request information about the process or just come here and do it.

Oil Changes
Oil Changes

Change your vehicle’s oil every 3,000 miles is one of the best ways you can protect your car. You’ll find a fast and high-quality service in our workshop

Electrical Services
Electrical Services

If you detect any problem with the Electrical System of your Car, don’t wait, just visit us to take a diagnosis on your Car and apply (only if you agree) the corrective actions.

Diagnosis & Estimates

Please, feel free to ask us about prices for Known procedures, Pieces changes, Warranty, etc. In the case of need a review and a Diagnosis we’ll offer to you the lower possible price but as we’ll need to review inside your car and spend time in the diagnosis, this process will have a cost.

Coolant System Services
Fluid Systems

There are a lot of pieces and mechanisms in your car which works with fluids (Coolant, Brakes, Transmission, etc.), in some occasions this pieces have flushes or another kind of damages, in the majority of the cases is extreme dangerous with this type of problems. Having any of these problems, please come to our Workshops or feel free to leave us a call.

Coolant System Services
A/C Heater

Having a broken A/C & Heater system can result uncomfortable but also can lead to a dangerous driving due to foggy windshields. Please have up to date the A/C & Heater system, visit us or leave us a call in any inconvenient with your system.

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